McMillan helps iogen fuel the movement to Net Zero.


Iogen has been pioneering the production of clean fuels from biomass for more than 35 years. Yet the company’s early success in commercializing ethanol fuel additives was actually holding the company back. The company needed to help market perceptions keep up with its own innovations.


The company had always expressed its value in conservative, scientific terms. Modesty and a measured approach to marketing were the guiding principles. We saw it differently. Iogen was obviously a leader in carbon-neutral and even carbon-negative fuels. Why not celebrate that leadership?


We proposed that iogen shift its positioning from quiet contributor to unapologetic leader and take its rightful place in “fueling the movement to Net Zero.” It’s a bold statement. But when you can back it up, it’s a claim worth making.

McMillan hit it out of the park with our new logo and the whole brand design system. Everyone loves it.”

Pat Foody
Chief Development Officer, iogen

The Design System

We realized iogen wouldn’t be embraced as a true innovator with a logo and design system that was well past its due date. The old logo used a complex symbol which didn’t work well in digital expressions. And with IOGEN in block caps, many prospects mispronounced the company name as “low-gen” instead of “i-oh-gen”. To its credit, iogen’s management team gave us the latitude to explore not only evolutionary but also, more revolutionary directions, including a lower-case interpretation of the company name that communicates clarity, efficiency, legibility and eco. And when they saw the “revolution”, they were all in.


Brand applications

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