We don’t work for global b2b businesses—we partner with them to create new possibilities. Cooking up fresh brands. Renovating old ones. And introducing them to the world through persuasive campaigns.

You’ll find no small promises here at McMillan. Just good people to think with, hell-bent on delivering brilliant brand experiences to your clients.

Core Services

We’ve focused our core services to create real and enduring ROI for our clients.

We make and remake brands. And then we bring them to market, through integrated lead- and demand-generation campaigns. Via powerful enterprise websites and optimized digital customer journeys. And by designing immersive event experiences.

Who We Are

Gordon McMillan
CEO and Chief Creative Officer
Amanda Moreau
Director, Client Experience
Christine Mikhail
Director, Brand Experience
Jared Young
Creative Director
Jacob Bryce
Director, Design
Michael Zavacky
Art Director
Mathieu Robin
Art Director
Laura Thompson
Senior Strategist
Brett McAteer
Senior Writer
James Hale
Senior Writer
Ray Besharah
Senior Account Manager
Haley Canavan
Account Manager
Matt Brissette
Senior Digital Designer
Kelsey Hooper
Michelle Lee
Production Designer
Keith Fraser
Motion Designer
Steve Etlinger
Senior Web Developer
Scott Henry
Director, Finance and Operations
Shane Serafini
Operations Manager
John Dozois
IT Manager
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