Co-creating the new standard in cannabis compliance.


When our client SC Labs saw how challenging (and crazy expensive) it was for cannabis retailers to stay compliant with a dizzying array of local and state regulations, the company decided to take on the challenge of building a better mouse trap, or rather, a better compliance app.


Research revealed general frustration with the few cannabis compliance apps on the market. Most operators relied upon a mix of expensive consultations and homegrown spreadsheets to stay on the right side of the law. But the most valuable insight was a general distrust of enterprise software vendors who they saw as more interested in making a buck than in advocating for the industry. If we could make it clear that we had their back, validated with years of experience in cannabis testing, we could gain traction and trust.


We created a name, Chorus Compliance, to clearly communicate that we’re in this together: Chorus and our cannabis clients, singing from the same song sheet. And we created a simple, friendly design system that let us tell the Chorus story in no-nonsense, benefits-oriented terms.

McMillan brought life to the product with their unique design and brand voice, helping to establish and set Chorus apart in a growing industry.”

Adam Partin
VP Regulatory Products, Chorus Compliance

What’s in a name?

Naming can be a brutal process. Everything decent seems to be taken. Made-up names are often the only way to move forward. But who wants to call their company Zaooplyo, or Enamicado, or Eliantopolis? We landed on Chorus, and, in a moment of “clever”, we matched it with the top-level domain .cc (for cannabis compliance). And having struck the right tone with the name and urls, we then created a logo based on symbolic sound waves that eventually informed the entire brand design system.

A chorus - a harmony of voices in unison

Using a deliberately limited palette of design elements, we created a strikingly simple yet highly personal visual voice for the Chorus. And we applied it across the board, from sales decks to social posts.

The Website

Working with our dev partner, Airtank, we launched a website that delivers a clear message and focuses the visitor on the application above all else.

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