McMillan builds a brand system for a
unique new blend of consultancy, agency
and institute.


What would be the red thread that ran through everything a new company called GreenThread would do? In a word “growth”. Their mission is to connect and align all aspects of its customers’ businesses around growth. Our challenge was to articulate a brand that was both clear and credible for this unique blend of consultancy, agency and institute.


We asked ourselves: what is a green thread? It’s the connective tissue that unites and energizes the fragmented silos of an enterprise. It helps companies become more agile, more connected, and gets them working together towards a common goal. Maybe our brand design could do the same thing?


To turn the complexities of revenue operations into something easy to digest, we thought: why not keep the brand as simple as possible? A little bit of green? A few connective threads? That was our launching point to create a visual brand that was just as consistent, scalable, and systematic as the growth strategies GreenThread creates for its clients.

“Team McM had done ground-breaking work for me with branding assignments for three previous global enterprises. When starting Green Thread, I knew that I needed magic quickly – and that’s exactly what we got.”

Chris Hummel
President, GreenThread

The Design System

With clean language, confident statements, and finely-crafted minimalist implementations, our brand design system is purpose-built to strip away the complication that makes revenue operations seem so intimidating.

The design uses bold parallel lines to demonstrate alignment and forward movement—which is precisely what GreenThread brings to its clients. This sense of fluidity, along with a blend of heavily-weighted elements and multi-layered layouts, is indicative of GreenThread’s authority and expertise.

The custom wordmark borrows elements from the parallel line work which creates a sense of flow from one letter to the next while maintaining its legibility in all applications.


Brand applications

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