Bringing it together

McMillan rebrands the Canadian Pharmacists Association


For more than a hundred years, the CPhA has been a vital organization in the world of Canadian healthcare. But despite their innovative work, they were perceived by many in the industry as a dated publishing company.


It was time for the CPhA to plainly assert the huge impact they have on the industry, and shine a light on the innovative ways they help healthcare professionals connect and collaborate. In short: tell the story of how they bring the world of pharmacy together.


McMillan aligned the CPhA’s advocacy and business value propositions into a single overarching brand story that was flexible enough to allow for growth and diversification—then developed a modern, fresh visual language with which to tell that story.

“Thanks to the great McMillan team that worked with us for the past many months to create this new story for the Canadian Pharmacists Association.”

Justin Scanlon, VP Growth & Chief Digital Information Officer


The new CPhA logoform is a visual representation of the big idea behind the brand: bringing the world of pharmacy together. The two distinct halves of the logo are linked in the middle by negative space in the shape of the Canadian maple leaf, representative of the various partnerships they enable and the collaborative spirit they encourage.

Brand Design

The design system is inspired by the capsule shape of the logo and how it joins two distinct objects. This allusion firmly establishes the CPhA as uniquely rooted in—and dedicated to—the world of pharmacy, distinguishing it from the countless other health care associations and organizations in the same space.

These simple shapes and the patterns they create, are used in dynamic ways to convey complex information and bring focus to different elements of content.

The colour palette evokes a calm and contrast that is both authoritative and friendly, and helps the CPhA stand out among health care associations.

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