A brand revolution

McMillan transforms a brand at the speed of entrepreneur.


Years of break-neck growth through acquisition had led HUB International to a fragmented and dated brand experience.


We compared the company’s target audience to its brokers—many of them business owners before coming under the HUB banner—and discovered they share an entrepreneurial mindset.


HUB wanted to move fast, so we went agile. We soft-launched the updated brand through an overhauled online experience and then via three go-to-market programs.


new leads generated


year-over-year increase in site traffic

The brand system rests on a simple idea: the customer is HUB’s central focus.

The roundel is the visual representation of this idea. It
spotlights HUB’s clients, surrounding and protecting them,
placing them at the literal centre of the new brand.

The dot matrix

The dot matrix expression of the roundel—along with the dot matrix pattern—represents HUB’s network of expert brokers. It sits in the background of photography, literally backing up the brand.

Beyond the Circumference

We launched the rebrand in 2016 with an all new website and expanded into demand generation campaigns, social media and online experiences including a brand manifesto video that captures the HUB essence. And when HUB added retirement planning to their offerings in 2020, we created a sequel to that video that positions the brand right alongside their clients – ready for tomorrow.

Original Brand Manifesto

2020 Sequel

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