McMillan builds a brand to connect business and the environment.


A new company helping land developers meet environmental regulations and keep their projects on schedule wanted an identity that says collaboration in a sometimes confrontational line of work.


The company takes a distinctively proactive and inclusive approach to connecting a host of stakeholders and regulators earlier in the project approval process to ensure a smoother path forward. We needed to build a brand that delivered this message.


We gave the company a name that communicates its promise: Headway. And what better symbol for that promise than the sun? And what better device to help clients reach that promise than a bridge?

The Design System

The Headway Environmental design system is based on two distinct elements: The rising (and setting) sun evokes the natural environment, and the bridge span evokes the built environment. The interplay of straight lines and curved shapes gives the system a buttoned-up sophistication in the midst of free-flowing nature.

The color palette proceeds from the deep richness of nature to the complementary grays that express the engineered aspects of the business. The orange brings a unique pop of eye-catching vibrancy to compositions otherwise dominated by the colors of the earth, water, and sky.


Brand applications

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