Testing, 1-2-3

Three cannabis testing companies become one.


When three of America’s leading cannabis and hemp testing labs came together as one, with plans to acquire other labs in future, the question that immediately presented itself was clear: 1) continue to support Agricor, Botanicor and SC Labs as separate entities since they worked in different states, 2) fold them under a new name or 3) merge under one of the existing brands.


Customer research indicated that key drivers such as service, price and test reliability trumped loyalty: in other words, in this business, you’re only as good as your last job. The research also revealed an interest in favoring labs that had comprehensive testing solutions built on a science-first approach.


With the ambition to expand into other state jurisdictions and continue acquiring other lab testing entities, the management team saw the strategic advantage and operational efficiencies of moving forward with one brand. And based on the research and existing market share, McMillan recommended throwing our full efforts behind a repositioned and refreshed SC Labs brand rather than pull a new name out of hat.

"McMillan not only helped us connect different parts of our business together, but also differentiated us in a competitive industry."

Lisa Stemmer, Senior Director, Marketing

The Logos Behind the Logo

Inspired by a scanning electron image of marijuana trichomes, this brandmark is differentiated from anything else in its category. The trichome references, bright colors, and bold clarity of the logo type supports the value proposition we ultimately defined for the company: “Validating smart decisions.”

Shapes and Colors

We created a distinct design system using the shapes and colors of the logo as our source of inspiration.

The Website

Working with our dev partner, Airtank, we launched a completely new where the new brand fully comes to life.

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