McMillan reaches into the past to find a global brand for the 21st century.


A well-established cultural and natural heritage management consulting company that had outgrown its regional identity was looking for a completely new brand to support its global growth.


A business-forward strategy had served it well but we realized there was a more inclusive story to tell – one that would resonate with developers as well as the stewards of our cultural past and the communities they serve.


We trained our creative sights on the company’s role as storyteller to come up with the name Chronicle Heritage. And we developed a timeless brand language the company can claim as its own.

The Design System

The Chronicle Heritage design system is based on a glyph-like logomark that symbolizes the company’s two realms of endeavour – exploration below the horizon line, where cultural resources are often found, and interpretation above, where the knowledge unearthed spreads like sunlight.

The system is constructed of bold line weights that encourage confidence in the company’s expertise. And deconstructed, it provides a set of graphic embellishments that advertise the company’s global reach.

The organic color pallete rests on a brown as deep as the earth and a vigorous ochre that pays homage to the bronze of antiquity.


Brand applications

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